EasyDr App, allows us to link the patients to the Doctors with no hassle or wait.
The average wait to book an appointment with a Doctor could take 1-2 weeks, even if you get an appointment it would take you 1-3 hours waiting.
There are also people because of their status in society refuse or find difficulties to visit doctors, due to busy schedule or wanting to be discreet especially when it comes to mental health issues or other health problems such as sexual problems.


Our mission is to help everyone feel good by providing immediate access to top medical experts and their trusted health advice anytime anywhere from their choice of doctors.


Create a trusted online health companion.
Our first responsibility is do good for the individuals who use EasyDr, especially when making decisions that affect their health and the health of thier loved ones.
We care deeply about people and are committed in providing information and access to care that meet the highest standards of safety and validity, and help people take action to feel good everyday. 
We value and honor the trust of those who use EasyDr, we treat the personal information of individuals with utmost care and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security. 


Email: support@easydr.online

Mobile: 67769991